#Sprouthacks: Zipper Pouch with no Zipper!

Today we have a guest blogger from our own Sprout Patterns team. Katie is a web developer, an expert woodworker and an avid fan of goats.


Featured fabrics: smorgyle by jenimp, Girl Goats by candyjoyce, Festival Barn Roof by katie_allen

If you’re really excited about your Lined Zipper Pouch, but don’t happen to have a zipper lying around, I’m going to show you a way to put it together that only needs a button.  Use it for storing odds and ends, or as a cute clutch!

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Open for Business!


It’s our birthday!  A date that we proudly share with Virgil, who said “Fortune favors the bold.”

We do feel kinda bold and extra sassy today as we present to you the patterns and the makers of those patterns. We are open for business.  Come visit us and Sprout away. It’s fun and easy and will keep you company on an otherwise lonely Saturday night.

We can’t wait to see what you create!!!