“Cool” Christmas Shirt

Today we are featuring a guest blogger—Curtis from Pudleston Patchwork. He is an extremely talented crafter who lives in a little village called Pudleston (hence his blog title Pudleston Patchwork) in Herefordshire, England. He says it’s a perfect place to relax and unwind with a needle and thread. Curtis used Sprout to create a lovely Negroni shirt by Colette Patterns, using Nicole Porter’s design Smarty Pants Deer, Navy.


This was my first time using a pattern from Sprout and it did not disappoint! The men’s sewing pattern that they have on their website is a Negroni shirt, with the choice of either long or short sleeves.

The most exciting process of doing this project is picking which design to go with the look. With thousands of designs to use through Spoonflower you can really personalise the item you make. For this shirt I decided to go for a Christmassy theme as the festive season approaches.  The reindeer with glasses on was the pattern of choice and probably way too cool for me!


When the pattern arrives it comes printed in the shapes that need cutting out, which saves a lot of time compared to using a paper pattern. All the shapes are clearly labeled. In addition to the instructions, I also received the original PDF pattern with all sizes. Just in case you need a bit of assistance, there are also plenty of online tutorials available.


Starting point for me was inserting the front pockets pattern matching, and sewing the ‘lids’ for the pockets. Once the fronts are assembled I inserted the facing for the fronts (which I haven’t done on a shirt pattern before but really works to anchor the fronts in place).



Working on the back I inserted the yoke to the top part, including top stitching to reduce bulk. Then attaching the fronts to the back at the top shoulder seams, again top stitching.


The hardest part of the sew for me was the placket part on the lower sleeve. It took some playing and some googling but I managed to pop them in. Ironed interfacing into the cuffs and then attached to the sleeve.


Overall I am really impressed with the fit and finish. And I LOVE the fact that it is all prepared which makes it easier to put together. In total it only took about three hours to create the shirt. (The power of Sprout!)


We think Curtis did an AMAZING job with his shirt and wanted to thank him for being not only a wonderful sewist, but a gorgeous model as well!

If you’d like to try your hand at a Sprout Negroni, you can create one today in one of six fabrics, or copy the reindeer shirt that Curtis created. Also check out the suggested designs from Colette Patterns.

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