Lakeside Pajamas made with Sprout Patterns

Today’s blog excerpt is from Rochelle New of Lucky Lucille; Handcrafter | Fabric Wizard | Wielder of Needles – printer and sewer of textiles, slow knitter, dog mom to Lucille, cat overlord, wannabe woodland creature, and general nerd – Making magic and messes in the backwoods of New York.

I’m super excited to share my latest collaborative sewing project: A pair of Grainline Studio Lakeside Pajamas made with Sprout Patterns and Spoonflower. It’s a rare treat to be able to combine so many of my favorite companies into one project, so when Sprout contacted me with this opportunity I couldn’t write them back quickly enough to say YES PLEASE! Sprout is a new company, from the awesome people at Spoonflower, who work with indie sewing pattern companies to bring you cut-and-sew patterns on demand. You can skip the pattern pinning and tracing and just cut your particular size right off the fabric. It’s such a unique service!

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Climbing Rocks Wearing a Rock Pattern

Today’s guest Blogger, Kate Rafferty, is a Spoonflower print operator and a climbing instructor in Raleigh, NC.

moores wall climbing

Self-designed and sewn camoflauge!

In the rock climbing community, it is common for climbers to drool over lines on certain problems or routes. Climbers spend hours dissecting sequences of movements that invoke beautiful shapes while following the lines of the rock faces. Clothing is definitely an important factor when climbing and a balance between durability and ease within a garment is necessary. A huge bonus of clothing is if you camouflage into the route you are climbing. Well, as luck would have it, Sprout Patterns and Spoonflower have created an outlet to make this idea possible!

grayson highlands chossy wall

Rock face in Grayson Highlands

On a bouldering  trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee, I was inspired by the natural beauty of the rocks and vegetation in the Boulder field. The texture, depth, and color variation of the rocks was unique, inspiring, and grounding. Later, while looking over photos from the day around a campfire, I had an idea to transfer my photographs into prints, and create climbing apparel and gear from them. I wanted to recreate the beauty I felt while climbing and camping in the field to the garments I would wear.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.21.40 AM.png

Kate’s rock designs

My latest sewing adventure was transforming a photograph I had taken in Grayson Highlands, Virginia, into the Sloan Leggings by Hey June Handmade. After uploading my photo onto the Spoonflower website, I saved my image as a mirrored repeat. I then went onto the Sprout website, choose my pattern and personal print along with a contrasting waistband print by Spoonflower designer Friztin. I especially appreciated the ability to visualize my concept on the 3D rotating image, which helped me decide on a contrasting waistband.


3D preview on Sprout Patterns

I followed Sprout’s advice to size down, since I was in between sizes. Even though I have a petite body frame, I decided on the “Tall” length because I like having the option to pull the leggings underneath my heels while practicing yoga, but bunched around my ankles for other activities. After cutting out the pattern, I downloaded the pattern instructions from my Sprout account and was able to sew them (mostly by serging), in a few hours!

The following day, I drove out at Moore’s Wall just outside of Winston Salem, North Carolina. I was so impressed with the Sport Lycra fabric I had chosen and the Sloan Leggings design. The high temperature of the day was 32f and I stayed warm throughout the day. The leggings stayed snug on my body, yet were not constricting; I had full flexibility and movement wearing them. My dream had come true, I was able to wear the rocks I was climbing!


Climbing with regular leggings just isn’t as fun!

Climbing or sewing, one can experience a myriad difficulties. Navigating fabric patterns can be just as difficult as holding onto a rock with just one finger! Sprout Patterns took the guesswork out of pattern sizing and eliminates pattern transfer steps. The hardest step of the process was choosing which photograph to print! Sprout Patterns has provided an outlet for me to transfer beauty I see on a rock wall, into a beautiful garment through 2D pattern design and digital printing.


Create leggings with your own designs or any in Spoonflower marketplace.

I remember first looking at rock walls and my uncertainty of how to approach them. With practice, I learned how to read routes and dial in successful sequences. Similarly, with sewing, sometimes one can look at a pattern and be overwhelmed. Sprout Patterns eliminates pattern anxiety by digitally printing patterns directly onto fabric and providing clear sewing instructions. Whether you are new to sewing, or experienced and craving a new project, Sprout Patterns has created an inviting atmosphere that I am excited to see reach new heights!


Negroni 3D and original photo used in design

So what’s next up on my sewing list? Finish the Negroni Shirt by Colette Patterns made with a photograph of the Super Mario Boulder in Stonefort, Tennessee.


Kate currently works as a print operator at Spoonflower. A California native, she went to NC State for textiles, but first started climbing when she lived in Joshua Tree, CA. When not printing or climbing, you can find her hanging out with her cat, Fry or volunteering at Duke Adaptive Climbing.