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A Leap Year is a pretty special thing, so we’ve decided to celebrate with free shipping at Sprout Patterns. That’s right – for 24 hours, between 10am EST Monday, February 29th and 10am EST Tuesday, March 1st all orders, both domestic and international, will have free shipping.

Is there a catch? Not at all. Just use the code LEAPYEAR at checkout to take advantage of the offer. Have fun and get Sproutin’!


Biscayne Blouse + Sprout Patterns

Today’s blog excerpt is from Adriana the artistic genius and owner behind Hey June Handmade.  She has three young daughters who were the inspiration for her to start sewing, co-writing a blog, and eventually venturing into selling her own patterns. She enjoys creating for them and knowing that they’re wearing clothing made with consideration and love.



It’s safe to say I have a new favorite top!  Meet the Biscayne Blouse from Sprout Patterns!

If you haven’t heard of Sprout, it’s a fantastic new division of Spoonflower!  You can choose from several popular sewing patterns and Sprout will print the pattern pieces directly onto the fabric of your choice!  Yes, it’s kinda awesome.  I won’t get into the specifics here because Sprout has already laid out the details really clearly on their website!

Read the rest of Adriana’s blog post on her site, Hey June Handmade.

Product Launch: Ruffled Apron by See Kate Sew

diy-ruffled-apron (1).jpg

We have a new pattern at Sprout – the Ruffled Apron by See Kate Sew. This is an incredibly cute pattern that will make cooking exponentially more enjoyable. It’s the perfect gift for a hostess or Mother’s Day (it’s good to plan early!).

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.23.53 PM.png

This is an easy pattern that is super customizable. Choose different designs for the bodice, skirt, accents and straps. Add more ruffles or take some away – it’s all up to you!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.31.17 PM.png

One size fits most and you can choose from Spoonflower’s Basic Cotton Ultra, Kona® Cotton, Cotton Lawn Ultra,  Linen-Cotton Canvas  or Eco Canvas. Prices start at just $32. Even better, Kate has curated some projects to copy or just get those creative juices flowing!

BONUS: Super cute versions from Sew Caroline (left) and Nicole at Modern Handcraft (right)


True Love’s Stitch: Learning to Sew

Today’s guest Blogger, Katie Allen, is part of the Sprout Patterns team.


Are you tired of flowers and chocolate, overpriced gifts, and store-bought cards on Valentine’s Day?  Today we bring you a heartwarming story about how meaningful a handmade gift can be.  Even if you have never sewn before, making an extra effort to create something for a loved one is easy with a Sprout Patterns project.


Todd and Leah – the early days!

Last summer, Todd joined our Sprout team as a front-end engineer.  A man of many talents, sewing was one thing he hadn’t tried.  Until now!  As we started printing out Sprout projects, Todd decided that he would like to sew one for his wife, Leah.  Cue the “Awwww”s.

He wasn’t about to start with something easy like our Lined Zipper Pouch, either.  Leah’s birthday was coming up, and he knew she would love the Myrtle dress by Colette Patterns.  The Myrtle is a great beginner’s project because it has a simple construction, and it looks flattering in various materials and on different body shapes.

The first challenge Todd took on was picking a design from the Spoonflower Marketplace, which is no small feat…there are so many options to decide between!  After looking at pages of designs, he finally chose Lela Ikat in Plum from Willow Lane Textiles because Leah enjoys wearing purple.  Next was choosing the perfect fabric from Spoonflower’s offerings; after consulting with the Sprout team, he decided on Silky Faille to add an elegance and drape to the cowl neck of the Myrtle. Plus, Silky Faille has amazing colorfastness and washability, ensuring many wearings of the dress in the future.


When the fabric had been printed, it stayed in a little box with matching thread under his desk for weeks!  No matter how much we encouraged him, he was a little apprehensive about actually starting to sew.  The Engineering Department sometimes has sewing nights where we all bring snacks, sewing machines, and our current projects.  At Todd’s first one, we showed him how to thread a sewing machine and sew straight stitch lines on scrap fabric.


The serger was even more intimidating than the sewing machine. Nicole, the product developer at Sprout, helped him navigate the ins and outs of finishing edges with a serger.  Once Todd learned the basics of sewing and serging, he began staying late into the evenings to secretly sew the dress. His story to Leah was that there was a “bug” in the code on the website that he needed to fix 😉


After following the sewing instructions, with a bit of guidance from Nicole and I, the week of Leah’s birthday arrived and Todd finished a beautiful Myrtle. For a final finishing touch, he created a belt from the leftover fabric in his Sprout project to tie around the waistband.  The only question that remained was–would it fit?


The weekend of Leah’s birthday, he threw a surprise party for her with family and friends, and then whisked her off to a bed and breakfast in the mountains the next day.


When it was time to go to dinner, Todd sneakily asked Leah what dress she was going to wear. She replied, “The one I packed!” and went to get it out of her suitcase. When she walked into the room, there was the handmade Myrtle hanging in the closet.

Leah was so surprised and amazed that Todd had sewn it by himself just for her. Plus, the dress fit and looked great on her. Success!


The happy couple today

So, if you’re thinking of making something for someone, a Sprout pattern is a great way to start.  Allow yourself a little extra time for practicing your stitching, and don’t rush your sewing!  You can use your scrap fabric to practice, or for a #sprouthack like Todd’s coordinating belt where you add your own custom detail to the pattern. If you love the dress Todd made and would like a copy to sew yourself, you can find the project on the Sprout website.

Do you need help sewing?  See if there are any sewing meetup events in your area, or ask a sewist friend for advice!  If you are near Durham, NC, Spoonflower throws a “Pins and Needles” craft night every month in our Greenhouse, and there are plenty of experts around to offer tips and tricks.

Happy Sewing!  – Katie

12509779_951623122887_894740084662195081_nKatie is an artist, an engineer for Sprout Patterns, and a developer at Spoonflower. Her latest adventure has been learning Ruby on Rails. With a background in sculpture and costuming (including having worked for visual artist Nick Cave!), if she isn’t sewing, she’s building dovetail boxes in the wood shop. She also loves hiking, contra dancing, Iyengar yoga, and mindfulness meditation.

Product Launch: The Field Study Tote

It’s an exciting day at Sprout when we can announce that we have added another pattern to our site!  Today it’s the Field Study Tote by Betz White, pattern designer and knitter extraordinaire. Meredith of Spoonflower’s Customer Service team was kind enough to brave the cold and be our model – thanks Meredith!

What’s especially lovely about this bag is its versatility. Use it as a handbag, to tote your laptop, or as a stylish way to stash some diapers and other kid-necessary items. This version in Linen-cotton uses Circuit Board Large by Betz herself for the top and Linen in Coffee by Joan McLemore for the bottom and straps.



We choose a fun and elegant fox design, Col. Renard MF by Ragan for the lining so we’d have a nice surprise every time we opened the bag!


This tote is the perfect size – not overwhelming, but perfect for essentials and more. If you would like to make this version of the Field Study Tote, Betz had created a project for you to copy here. Or get creative and make your own!

Bonus: There is a sew along on Betz’s site so you can get some help while sewing. 😉

See Kate Sew Patterns at SPROUT!

Today’s blog excerpt is from See Kate Sew:  a twenty something fashion lover and mother of two. When not chasing her kids you can find her at her sewing table or daydreaming up new designs.  Her focus shifts back and forth between sewing for herself and sewing children’s clothing. She loves big bows, ruffles, clean lines and unexpected details.


Recess Raglan sleeve detail

I’ve shared about Sprout a few times here and on Instagram and in newsletters, and today I’m sharing a few things I’ve made with Sprout Fabric!

Sprout is owned by Spoonflower and prints pattern pieces and fabric at the same time. So instead of cutting out paper and then fabric, you just cut and go! Plus you can use your own custom fabric, or choose from the database of designs.

There are 9 See Kate Sew patterns available at Sprout right now with 2 more on the way!

Use code “SKSLOVE” for 20% off all SKS patterns at Sprout! This code is good for one week only and ends at 8pm EST on February 12.

Read the rest of this post on See Kate Sew.

Sprout Review: the Portside Dopp Kit

Today’s guest Blogger, Nicole Kligerman, is part of the Sprout Patterns team.


I have always found that New Year’s resolutions are so difficult to maintain. I get busy, I put things off, I make excuses. I mean, that’s why we call them resolutions, right? This year, I am determined to keep mine! Well…at least some of them ;). One of my main resolutions for 2016 is to make things that I will actually use.


Enter Grainline Studio’s Portside Travel Kit, now available on Sprout. This classic, utilitarian pattern consists of three bags: the duffel, the dopp kit, and the pouch. Once I saw the offerings from Grainline, I started creating a billion dopp kit projects on Sprout. With such a clean, classic pattern, there is so much room to have fun with prints! A girl never has too many bags, and it just so happened that I was about to go to Puerto Rico and could use a small bag to bring to the beach. Plus, the original PDF pattern comes with every Sprout project so it will be so easy to make some for my jealous friends in the future!

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.55.54 AM

There are so many designs in the Spoonflower marketplace to choose from when making a Sprout project that it can be overwhelming—the options are endless! I finally ended up with an indigo and embroidery inspired dopp kit using designs from Marketa_stengl and Nicoleevelyn (yes, that’s me!). Lately I have been obsessed with lunar inspired designs and sashiko work, so this combination is just perfect. I chose the fabric I wanted to get, Linen-Cotton Canvas, and sent my order in!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 5.03.18 PM.png

Getting my Sprout project was the best. The fabric looked just like the 2D preview on the website and I cut out the pieces and pinned the labels on everything while watching Netflix on my couch. No printing, no tracing, just so easy. I applied my interfacing, which I did have to trace, but it was still so fast!


I chose to add some bling to my dopp kit with a metal zipper and got a funky floral striped print in Cotton Lawn from Pseudolus for a pop of color in the lining.

My sewing experience using Sprout was easy and fun. The instructions provided by Jen of Grainline were concise and I loved that I could search online for “Grainline Portside” and read sewing reviews from other bloggers!


After sewing, I have to say: I love my dopp kit. It’s the perfect size! I carried my it all over Puerto Rico. I used it to hold my valuables and electronics while wandering Old San Juan.


My phone, headphones, and keys fit in the front pocket and I could easily fit my book, sunglasses, camera, and a few snacks in the large compartment. It was easy to find in my carry on bag and perfect to take to the beach with me; that zipper protected everything from the sand that got everywhere.


Since I’ve returned to the mainland, my dopp kit has become a way to carry all of my cold remedies with me (thank you winter) and has spent some time holding small knitting projects as well. Cute + practical, a perfect project to begin my year of making!

The hard part now will be choosing what to make next…

Until next time!


Nicole heads up Product Development at Sprout Patterns. She has a background in fashion development and design and a passion for businesses that do good, which has taken her to places like Uganda, Pakistan, and now Durham, NC. In her spare time, you can either find Nicole in her home studio creating with her kitten by her side or exploring new places around town and abroad. She loves live music, Asian cuisine, and laughing.