The Secret to Mitered Corners

Guest blogger Katie shows us a simple sewing tip to make any project look top notch.

Have you ever found it tricky to get a neat-looking corner where two hemmed edges meet? It can look like this sometimes:image_01.jpg

Why not try mitering your corners instead!  It’s a really simple way to get a crisp, clean effect.

I used this technique on the sleeves of the Asaka Kimono that I made in Poly Crepe with the Design Challenge winning design by Judit Gueth.

1. Pin a rolled hem along one edge by folding the fabric over twice.image_02.jpg

2. Fold up a corner, using the full seam allowance of the other edge.image_03.jpg

3. Fold over the second edge.image_04.jpg

4. Fold it over again, press, and pin.image_05.jpg

5. Sew, taking your pins out before you get to themimage_06.jpg

The finished corner! It’s neat and clean and very professional looking!image_07.jpg

The finished Kimono – perfect and elegant!kinono.jpg

12509779_951623122887_894740084662195081_n.jpgKatie is an artist, an engineer for Sprout Patterns, and a developer at Spoonflower. Her latest adventure has been learning Ruby on Rails. With a background in sculpture and costuming, if she isn’t sewing, she’s building dovetail boxes in the wood shop. She also loves hiking, contra dancing, Iyengar yoga, and mindfulness meditation.

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