Wearing Pajamas to Work: Father’s Day Edition

In honor of Father’s Day, we’d like to tell you a little bit about a Spoonflower employee and father of two girls, who wears pajamas to work.


Meet Donnie Gulledge. A Dad who wears pajamas to work.

Don is a third shift printer at Spoonflower, and an awesome one at that – he won Employee of the Month in March this year for his amazing attitude and dedication to helping his team. He’s also a pretty cool dad—he and his two daughters produce their own podcast each week called “The Three in a Pod Show”. It’s funny, endearing, and an insightful glimpse into what it’s like to be the single dad of two teenage girls.

Don 2-1.png
Don and his daughters, Raquel and Victoria

As one of our favorite Dads, we asked Don to share some of this thoughts about fatherhood.

What’s the hardest thing about being a dad?
“The hardest thing about being a dad is knowing when to just listen and let go. It’s hard to NOT want to fix every problem your children have. A lot of times they just want someone to listen. If they need advice they’ll let you know but, most of the time they just need your ears. It’s a gradual process for me but, I’m getting there.”


I’m sure there are a million things you’ve taught your girls. What’s the one thing you hope they remember as they get older?
“I tell my daughters all of the time to be leaders. I don’t say that in the sense of being a tyrant wanting to dominate and belittle people but, I say that to remind them that being considerate of others feelings and showing compassion automatically makes you a leader because you get to teach. The standards of today make people feel like they’re better than others. By being a compassionate person you indirectly teach compassion to others, and people respect you when you’re genuinely a good person. Being a teacher is being a leader.”


In addition to making The Three in a Pod Show, what are you and your daughters’ favorite things to do together?
“My daughters and I love to travel and we dream of seeing the world together… well, maybe I dream of seeing the world with them. Outside of that, our lives are pretty basic. We like art, movies, music , and shopping.”


Tell us more about the podcast:
“We just like having fun. I like to think that my daughters and I have a really interesting dynamic. We are extremely open and forward with each other no matter what the subject is. Our podcasts are basically short stories in audio format to document our daily interactions with each other, albeit they’re weekly. Sometimes things get serious and we have to figure it out together. Most of the time we’re just being random and crazy. We’re three completely different personalities but, we’re very similar.”


Not only does Don make time each week to work full time in the Spoonflower print room, be a father to his girls,  run a podcast + blog, and ride his bike everywhere in Durham, but he also somehow found the time to model for Sprout! After he let us snap some photos of his Jasper Pajamas, we asked him if he’d be making any other projects anytime soon.


You can also make a pair of these sweet lounge pants for the awesome dad (or anyone!) in your life. If you’re in love with this design, Don’s PJ’s are available as a project  Hanging Around), on Sprout Patterns and feature an amazing sloth design by Andrea Lauren. Perfect for any given Lazy Sunday.


Sprout wishes a Happy (and comfy) Father’s Day to Don, and to all dads everywhere!

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