The Wedding Guest’s Dress to Impress: My Perfect Myrtle

Let’s be real, y’all: wedding season can be pretty stressful when the invitations start to pile up. If you’re anything like me, you spend forever searching for the perfect dress for each special day – the dress that you’ll feel beautiful in, but not “hey look at me instead of the bride” beautiful. I have never accomplished this. Not once. But this summer, I’ve got Sprout Patterns to help me out. I decided to make a Sprout dress for each of my three summer weddings, and they decided that all of you would love to hear about it.

Introducing, “The Wedding Guest’s Dress to Impress” blog series! My first project? The perfect Myrtle Dress.

1. Brick.jpg

The first of my weddings was for my friends Katie and Greg. My boyfriend, Kenton, is one of Greg’s best friends and groomsmen. Their friendship was formed over a shared love of craft beer, the tv show “How I Met Your Mother”, and being generally decent human beings. Katie also has these things in common with Greg, so he decided to marry her.

Katie and Greg have one other important thing in common: they’re both Catholic. That’s actually how they were introduced to one another, and was the excuse Katie gave Greg to get his phone number – a fact we still tease her about to this day. Anyway, their ceremony was held at a lovely Catholic church in Greensboro, NC, with a reception at a nearby renovated mill. The wedding started at 2pm, which meant lots of time outside in the hot afternoon sun. For those of you who don’t know, North Carolina summer weather is akin to taking a very hot, very uncomfortable bath that starts in late May and continues well into September.


Recap: I needed a dress that  would be fine to wear for the better part of the day (since Kenton is a groomsman, it meant arriving early and staying late), be conservative enough for me to be comfortable wearing it in a Catholic church, and be cool enough to keep me from melting in the middle of a hot June evening. My solution? The Myrtle Dress.

I decided Poly Crepe de Chine would be the perfect fabric for my Myrtle. It’s soft and sheer, great for comfort and combatting the weather, and drapes beautifully on the neckline of the dress. It also prints well – I love how bright colors always look on it.

3. Neckline.jpg

When it came to choosing a design, I had a tough time. Katie picked navy and magenta for her wedding colors, so that’s what Kenton wore. I like to coordinate with him when we go fancy places just so we don’t look crazy in photos, but I also didn’t want to be that girl and match the bridesmaids too well.

4. Oz.jpg
My assistant, Oz, has to test everything I make for comfort and color coordination with his fur

It was tough, but I managed to find something that didn’t feature tacos, space, or cats – three of my go-to standards for Spoonflower fabric. Mjmstudio, one of the designers featured on Spoonflower’s fabric sample swatches, has lots of gorgeous watercolor patterns to choose from. It was a tough call, but I settled on Verve purple – I love the bright colors, and they went well with Kenton’s suit.

5. Selfie.jpg
We match! For once! Time for a selfie.

The Myrtle is a very popular choice among the ladies of Spoonflower, and after making mine, I totally understand why: it’s easy to put together, especially when you use this guide for installing the waistband from Colette Patterns, and it’s way too comfy for how fancy it looks. (Y’all. It even has pockets. That’s the dream.)


If you love this dress as much as I do, it’s available as a project on Sprout. I called it Just Another Manic Myrtle.

“Thanks, it has pockets!” is what every woman will say when you compliment her dress that has pockets.

The comfort of this dress was much appreciated at the reception when the music started. Kenton loves to dance, especially in public. As a classic introvert, this was pretty hard for me at first. But, I’ve gotten used to it, and he’s even taught me a few things. However, Kenton wasn’t my only dance partner that evening –


Greg’s niece also loves to dance, and I had the pleasure of bouncing across the dancefloor with her several times. I told her that I liked her dress, and she told me she liked my eyeball. I’ll take it.


One of my favorite things all day was responding to compliments on my dress with, “Thanks! I made it.” For me, there’s nothing better than the look of surprise, fascination, and a hint of jealousy you receive when someone learns that you created the garment they’re admiring.  And, it’s way more fun spending the afternoon hanging out with your cat, your sewing machine, and Leslie Knope than traversing the mall (and oh gosh, the parking lot) looking for something you probably won’t like very much anyway (and, it probably won’t have pockets, either.)

Like pretty much every other wedding I’ve attended, I cried during the couple’s vows, reluctantly danced in public, and ate way too much delicious food. But, unlike any other wedding I’ve attended, I am actually looking forward to seeing myself in the reception photos in a few months – for the first time ever, I had the perfect thing to wear.


gina.jpgGina is a printer operator at Spoonflower (or as she likes to call her position, “Slayer of Ink Beasts”) and a summer intern with Sprout. When she’s not having audible conversations with machinery, she can be found sharing facts about pigeons or Wonder Woman or old buildings with anyone who will listen. Her hobbies include fabric hoarding, wrestling her sewing projects away from her polydactyl cat Oz, and aimlessly wandering with coffee in one hand and her polaroid in the other.

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