Sir Ernest Bunnybottom Rides for Sprout Patterns

We figure you’ve made it when you have celebrities wear your clothing. Yes, beauties, we have sponsored a famous SKATEBOARDING CORGI named Sir Ernest Bunnybottom, who wears the Harley Dog Jacket from Mainsail Studio!

Ernie not only rides for Sprout, he’s also helping out those less fortunate than himself. His mom Edie has a young friend named Anika, who has Baraitser-Winter syndrome, which can cause her to have multiple seizures in a day. Ernie is helping Anika raise money for a seizure dog (they’re really expensive) to keep her safe and improve her quality of life. We at Sprout think this is an awesome idea and we’re helping as well!  If you would like to donate, you can do so here and we thank you in advance!

Anika and Ernie enjoy a day at the park

So WHO is this magical dog, you ask? How did he learn to skateboard better than most of us ever did as children? Let’s start at the beginning:


A black tri-colored corgi was born on the twenty-second of January 2013. At four months, Ernie had his first encounter with a skateboard, and he learned that such encounters brought many cookies. And so, a love affair was born. Ernie even received his Canine Good Citizen Award from the American Kennel Club at six months of age.


He continues to practice his skateboarding and agility and occasionally, his owner, Edie, tries to capture some of the action on film.


Ernie is ridiculously cute wearing his doggles, or this dinosaur costume, but we kind of think he’s at his most handsome wearing his Harley dog jackets that we made for him.


Even though Ernie is a Welsh Pembroke Corgi, we were inspired by the Queen of England’s recent 90th birthday and gave a nod to Merry Old England with this Union Jack coat. Notice the super cute London icon bus taxi and telephone booth design by Littlesmilemakers on the collar and strap – AWESOME! Like this jacket for your fur baby? It’s on Sprout!


Being multi-talented, Ernie also likes to herd sheep on occasion. What better way to celebrate this pastime than with a cute design by Andrea Lauren.  Field of Sheep – Moss Green is available at Spoonflower, and the jacket is on Sprout.

shelterdog.jpgRico and Prince – recently adopted from a shelter in North Carolina

Over at Sprout, our core of K9 models are all current or recent shelter dogs. And when you make a jacket for your pup, we donate 50% of the profits to the independent rescue group we’ve chosen for that month. June was dedicated to Los Angeles’ Downtown Dog Rescue, and for July we’ll be helping out New York’s Mr. Bones & Company.

Thank you for helping animals who can’t help themselves, and for helping Anika get her service dog – you are all wonderful!





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