From Day to Night: A Review of BurdaStyle’s Mint Dress

If you’re looking for a stylish dress that’s both casual in length and silhouette, and easily flatters any body type—we’ve got you covered. Join self-taught sewist Danesha Anglin of Classyfied Life as she shares her first-hand experience sewing the timeless and versatile Mint Dress by BurdaStyle available at Sprout Patterns. If you’ve never sewn a Sprout pattern before, you’re not alone! This was Danesha’s first time and she’s got all the details you’d want to know and even offers a few tips along the way, too. Already sewn up your own? Share your creation on social media and tag #SproutPatterns so we can see your masterpiece!


Featured design: Winter Garden Antique by ceciliamok printed on Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra

An Unforgettable Opportunity

Danesha:Wow!” That was my first reaction to being given the special opportunity and honor of sewing and reviewing the Mint Dress by BurdaStyle in their collaboration with Sprouts Patterns and Spoonflower. The Mint Dress construction is sporty yet versatile and features side metal zipper pockets and a deep V neckline, a flattering look on all body types. It’s functional enough to pair with a blazer for a professional day-time look, yet elegant enough to transform into evening wear for a night out on the town. Personally, I prefer this dress belted at the waist to accentuate my curves.

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Cat Power Projects on Sprout

At Sprout, we stand for women’s rights. The power of handmade can be a impactful statement, especially when using pink to signify not only caring, compassion, and love, but also STRENGTH. Maybe you want to send a certain message but want to err on the side of subtlety? Or perhaps you just adore cats and the color pink. Regardless, we’ve got some amazing designs that we’ve chosen from Spoonflower for just that purpose.


How cute are these kittens in mittens on a Penelope Peplum by See Kate Sew? LOVE this design by Andrea Lauren.



Power through peace and diginity on an Alder Shirtdress by Grainline Studio. Demure kitties by Kimsa are perfect!



How about a delightful Emery Dress from Christine Haynes? Cats and flowers by Petfriendly = YES PLEASE!



We love the Moneta Dress from Colette Patterns. Caja_Design has the cutest cats in both big and small. SWOON!



Want to scream your message from the rooftops? Check out this Inari Crop Tee by Named Clothing with a frightfully wonderful design by Susiprint.

These are just a few of the literally hundreds and maybe even thousands of awesome cat designs at Spoonflower to use when creating your Sprout project. Have fun creating and stay strong!




Lucy Pajamas + Eye Mask = Heaven

Today’s guest blogger is Allison Bowles, the patternmaker behind Artemis Clothing Co. and pajama-maker extraordinaire. We’re loving her tutorial for using the extra fabric from your Lucy Pajamas to create a cute eye mask!


I feel like you can never have too many pajama bottoms, so I was very excited to sew up my latest pattern – the Lucy Pajama Pants.  I wanted something fresh and spring-like to remind me of warmer weather when it gets chilly, so I chose a beautiful floral print called Oriental Blooms by Scrummy. Spoonflower’s Kona® is a great apparel weight fabric that is super breathable and easy to wear, so choosing a fabric was easy for me.


The Lucy Pajamas are so comfy and perfect for lounging around the house, and I can also wear them on errands when my fur baby needs an emergency snack!


I realized after I was done with the pajamas that I had leftover fabric that was just begging to become a second project.  I thought that an eye mask would be the perfect matching sleep accessory to my Lucy pajamas.  It was super easy and quick to sew and it makes a great sleep set!


Here is how I made my eye mask and what you’ll need:

  1. Scrap fabric from your Lucy pajamas
  2. Satin lining (I chose a dark color to block as much light as possible)
  3. 21” piece of piping
  4. ¼” thick elastic cut to whatever length you need to wrap comfortably around your head (mine was 15” long)
  5. Eye mask pattern (like this free one from
  6. Scissors
  7. Pins


Start by cutting one eye mask piece from your scrap fabric and one eye mask piece from the satin fabric.  The patterned piece will face the outside and the satin will be the part of the mask that touches your face.  That’s why I chose Satin as the backing; it’s super gentle on my skin, but Spoonflower’s Fleece or Minky would probably also be just as comfortable.


Next, using a zipper presser foot, sew the piping around the perimeter of the printed eye mask piece so that the raw edge of the piping lines up with the edge of the fabric.  The zipper foot should press right up against the round part of the piping.


After you have stitched the piping all the way around the perimeter of the mask, snip the edge of the piping (NOT the actual eye mask fabric) up to, but not through, the stitch line. This will help the piping bend around the curves of the mask and lie flat. Attach the elastic to the patterned piece on each side of the mask, making sure the edge of the elastic lines up with the edge of the mask.


Now it’s time to sew the two eye mask pieces together.  Place the two eye mask pieces together face to face so that the shiny side of the satin faces the printed side of the patterned piece.  The piping and the elastic should be sandwiched between the two pieces.  Pin the pieces in place along the edge.


Using the zipper foot again, push the foot right up against the piping that is in between the fabric and stitch around the mask.  Leave an unstitched gap at the top of the piece so that the mask can be turned right side out.  Clip the seam allowance up to, but not through, the stitch line.


When you turn the mask right side out you should see the piping along the edge of the mask and the elastic should be secured in the seam you just made. Press the mask so that it lies flat. There will be a large hole at the top of the mask that you will need to close up.  The satin fabric at the hole should be pressed so that the seam allowance is folded to the inside of the mask.


I’ve got a little trick to close up that hole so that the stitch line isn’t visible on the front of the mask.  Make sure the folded edge of the satin back is overlapping the piping just a little bit.  Now we want to topstitch the hole shut from the front of the mask so that the stitch catches the folded satin edge on the back.


If you stitch right against the edge of the patterned fabric on the piping, then the stitch should be undetectable from the front.  It’s a little tricky (you can see below where I missed a little bit) so if you have trouble, feel free to topstitch directly on the patterned fabric instead of the piping so that you can catch more of the satin edge on the back.


Voila!  Now you have a sleeping eye mask to match your Lucy Pajamas!  Now go make a pair of your own and Sweet Dreams!




Allison Bowles is a graduate of North Carolina State University College of Textiles, where she is currently finishing up her Master’s degree studying zero­ waste garment design. She founded Artemis Clothing Co. in 2014 after working in the textile industry for several years and realizing that she wanted to focus on locally ­made sustainable clothing.



Sir Ernest Bunnybottom Rides for Sprout Patterns

We figure you’ve made it when you have celebrities wear your clothing. Yes, beauties, we have sponsored a famous SKATEBOARDING CORGI named Sir Ernest Bunnybottom, who wears the Harley Dog Jacket from Mainsail Studio!

Ernie not only rides for Sprout, he’s also helping out those less fortunate than himself. His mom Edie has a young friend named Anika, who has Baraitser-Winter syndrome, which can cause her to have multiple seizures in a day. Ernie is helping Anika raise money for a seizure dog (they’re really expensive) to keep her safe and improve her quality of life. We at Sprout think this is an awesome idea and we’re helping as well!  If you would like to donate, you can do so here and we thank you in advance!

Anika and Ernie enjoy a day at the park

So WHO is this magical dog, you ask? How did he learn to skateboard better than most of us ever did as children? Let’s start at the beginning:


A black tri-colored corgi was born on the twenty-second of January 2013. At four months, Ernie had his first encounter with a skateboard, and he learned that such encounters brought many cookies. And so, a love affair was born. Ernie even received his Canine Good Citizen Award from the American Kennel Club at six months of age.


He continues to practice his skateboarding and agility and occasionally, his owner, Edie, tries to capture some of the action on film.


Ernie is ridiculously cute wearing his doggles, or this dinosaur costume, but we kind of think he’s at his most handsome wearing his Harley dog jackets that we made for him.


Even though Ernie is a Welsh Pembroke Corgi, we were inspired by the Queen of England’s recent 90th birthday and gave a nod to Merry Old England with this Union Jack coat. Notice the super cute London icon bus taxi and telephone booth design by Littlesmilemakers on the collar and strap – AWESOME! Like this jacket for your fur baby? It’s on Sprout!


Being multi-talented, Ernie also likes to herd sheep on occasion. What better way to celebrate this pastime than with a cute design by Andrea Lauren.  Field of Sheep – Moss Green is available at Spoonflower, and the jacket is on Sprout.

shelterdog.jpgRico and Prince – recently adopted from a shelter in North Carolina

Over at Sprout, our core of K9 models are all current or recent shelter dogs. And when you make a jacket for your pup, we donate 50% of the profits to the independent rescue group we’ve chosen for that month. June was dedicated to Los Angeles’ Downtown Dog Rescue, and for July we’ll be helping out New York’s Mr. Bones & Company.

Thank you for helping animals who can’t help themselves, and for helping Anika get her service dog – you are all wonderful!





Sewing a Lane Raglan with Spoonflower Fleece

The following is an excerpt from the Spoonflower Blog.  Read the full post here.

Have you tried our cozy new Fleece yet?  Operations Supervisor Paula stops by the blog to share her experience sewing up a Lane Raglan tee by Hey June Handmade with our versatile new fabric. Who has time to print, cut, tape and pin a PDF or paper pattern? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Paula used Sprout Patterns to sew up a soft, comfy Raglan tee in record time. Check out her pro tips and see how easy it is to sew your own!


The New Spoonflower April Design Challenge

This post is a direct copy from the Spoonflower blog

We are delighted to partner with Sprout Patterns to bring you our April Design Challenge, the first in our new series of month-long challenges. Spoonflower + Sprout are looking to the members of our amazing creative community to find the perfect Japanese Garden-inspired design for a new sewing pattern release!



Sprout Patterns is a new service that allows you to combine indie sewing patterns with Spoonflower designs to create customized cut and sew projects. Sprout takes away the work of tracing a sewing pattern onto fabric and lets you truly enjoy the process of making your own garments and accessories.Our Japanese Garden Design Challenge is designed to inspire fabric designs for the launch of Named Clothing’s Asaka Kimono pattern, the first in this patternmaker’s lineup available through Sprout. The winner receives $100 in Spoonflower credit and $100 in Sprout Patterns credit, and their design will be featured in all photos for the launch of Named Clothing’s Asaka Kimono pattern on Sprout and in a press release.

The rest of the top ten receive $50 in Spoonflower credit and $50 in Sprout credit.

We’ll also be giving away $50 in Sprout credit to one lucky winner who enters our drawing! Click the button below for more details. Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.57.57 PM.png

BHL x Sprout Patterns: A print, cut & sew Anna Dress!

Today’s blog excerpt is from Elisalex de Castro Peake, co-founder and head of design at independent sewing pattern company By Hand London.  By Hand London celebrates making, individual style and creative women, designing for those who love to dress up, stand out and customise their own wardrobe.


Believe it or not (but do, because it’s true), I made this Anna dress in under three hours. Start to finish, cutting and sewing: one evening’s work. Admittedly, that’s a full on machine stitched hem, but you get my drift. The secret to my swiftness? Sprout Patterns.

Sprout Patterns is basically the sewist little sister of US custom fabric printing giant, Spoonflower, and they’ve taken the concept of custom printing to the next level. With Sprout, you choose the sewing pattern you want to make, select your size and then you choose your fabric from Spoonflower’s vast library of designs (or upload your very own fabric design of course!), and hey presto – you get your pattern pieces printed directly onto your fabric and all that’s left for you to do is cut and sew. It’s that simple.

Psssst! The lovely team at Sprout HQ are offering you guys 20% off all By Hand London designs available on Sprout from today until Wednesday 16th March 2016. Simply enter the code BHLLOVE at checkout…

Read the rest of this blog post on the By Hand London site.