Hangin’ On To Summer: Soma Swimsuit Tutorial Part 2


Tropical Leaves – Blush by crystal_walen

Want to learn how to rock a Soma swimsuit with a DIY twist? Maker and Spoonflower designer, trizzuto, is back on the blog with part two of her Soma swimsuit tutorial. Today, Theresa is giving us two #SproutHack variations on the Soma bikini tops that will offer a little added bust support. If you missed part one yesterday, catch up on how she made the bikini bottoms here

Now that you’ve sewn up your Soma bottoms, it’s time to tackle the top. In this post, I’m going to show you how to add a neck strap to your Soma Bikini Variation B for support, and I will show you how to add halter straps to either the Soma one piece or the Soma Variation A bikini for added coverage.



Follow the instructions included in your Sprout project to create the front and back main sections of your bikini top, but stop before you get to the shoulder / neck strap portions.  



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Hangin’ On To Summer: Soma Swimsuit Tutorial Part 1

IMG 3.jpg

Tropical Leaves – Blush by crystal_walen

August may be winding down, but the sun keeps-a-shining! We here at Sprout are not quite ready to kiss summer goodbye, so Spoonflower designer trizzuto is here to show us how to keep the summer-vibes around just a bit longer! Join Theresa in this two-part Soma Bikini Swimsuit tutorial featuring a #SproutHack variation on the SOMA bikini top. Read part one below to make bottoms and look out for the top hacks on part two on the blog tomorrow.


Did your heart skip a beat when Sprout Patterns announced they were introducing swimwear from Papercut Patterns this season? I know mine did. With three variations to choose from, the hardest part was deciding which version to go with, and which print to choose from in the Spoonflower Marketplace.

Because there’s nothing terribly tricky like ruching or underwire in this suit, it’s very accessible to all levels of sewists. You don’t even need a serger! Just a trusty zig zag stitch on a basic home sewing machine.  If this is your very first time sewing a swimsuit or even sewing with stretch fabrics, please do not be intimidated. Find yourself pulling your hair out? Just leave me a note in the comment section so I can address any questions or issues you might be having. I promise I’ve had them all myself at one point or another so I can walk you through it!

Picking a design is easily the toughest part. And you thought it was going to be inserting the swimwear elastic — HA! I had my heart set on this gorgeous watercolor tropical print from Crystal Walen, but the scale wasn’t quite right for a swimsuit. Did I give up? Heck no. I sent the designer, Crystal, a short message on Spoonflower requesting the scale change for my project. She was super quick to respond and before I knew it, she had gotten back to me with the changes and I was ready to order (thank you, Crystal!). Do you ever work with designers to tweak and modify designs for your projects? Most are happy to oblige and as a Spoonflower designer myself, I love any opportunity to create something custom just for a particular maker’s project. 

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