Brindille & Twig Reblog

Melissa, the creative genius behind Brindille and Twig, writes about her Sprout Patterns experience. Read the full post on her blog.1-1

The printing, taping and cutting out of patterns is undoubtedly the most boring step of using digital patterns, right?  I just want to get to the fabric, sewing and wearing!!

That’s why I was excited to hear about Sprout Patterns, a division of the fabric printing company, Spoonflower.

They print the pattern in your specified size directly onto the fabric you choose.  Goodbye printing and taping!  I was super excited to get my patterns in their lineup so we could all get the chance to skip our most dreaded step of the process ;o).

I finally got to try them out recently and wanted to show you a bit what it was like…

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