GR8FUL. 8 Days of Joy: 25% off Patterns



It’s always a good time to be grateful! We wanted to show our appreciation for all of you with a fun pre-holiday thank you. Starting on Monday, November 16th at 10am EST, we will feature one patternmaker each day with a code to get 25% off any of their patterns. BONUS—there is no limit to how many items you can purchase, just use the code for that day to get the discount.

Each code is good for 24 hours*

The eighth day is a wildcard day – stay tuned, we’ll announce it shortly before 10am that morning! The schedule and codes are below. Enjoy!


*Each code begins at 10am EST on the specified day and ends the next day at 10am EST. At this point, that code will no longer be valid, and we will switch to the next patternmaker’s code. The wildcard sale will conclude at 10am EST on Thursday, November 26th.